Rethinking the way we grow trees.

The PlantRight Package is designed by industry experts with decades of growing experience as an alternative to container tree growing.

PlantRight Package 2
PlantRight Package

Growing Healthy Trees

Using the PlantRight Package encourages overall health and longevity to the tree. The PlantRight Package establishes a better root system, which is the foundation of a hearty tree.

A Better Root System

The PlantRight Package allows the tree roots to grow cleaner, less tangled encouraging lateral growth. When planted, the roots are able to spread into the ground ensuring soil, water, and nutrients flow evenly to establish strong roots. A better root system reduces transplant shock.

Designed with Purpose

The PlantRight Package is designed to be effective and efficient. It's UV treated to withstand the harsh rays of summer sun while still allowing light into the package. The package is created to stand up to any climate, even keeping trees from falling over in heavy storms. The handles make for easy transport and moving evenly distributing the weight of the tree.

Reduce Waste

Using the PlantRight Package reduces the amount of waste in our landfills by replacing plastic containers. PlantRight Packages can be reused for other purposes.