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Protect your wood!  Use PlantRight Supply's Tree Rubbers.

Labor is one of the biggest expenses tree growers have.  Do you know that by using Tree Rubbers you can cut your labor expenses by nearly half?  Imagine your crew finishing up staking and tying trees in about half the time it normally takes!  Make them more efficient by using Tree Rubbers rather than traditional tie tape, and they can be freed up to do other things.
PlantRight Supply is a direct distributor of Tree Rubbers.  Designed to help secure young trees to tree stakes and ensure they grow straight, they also are flexible enough to allow for growth.  Unlike tie tape, Tree Rubbers hold-up to the weather.  They won't stretch in the hot summer heat and they won't crack and break in the cold winter weather.  They are also reusable for several seasons.  Tree Rubbers are available in sizes from 1"-8" and are UV treated to provide a perfect growing environment for maximum root development.
Tree Rubber in Action
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Tree Rubber Sizes
Tree Rubber Size Matters

Unlike typical tree ties, our Tree Rubbers don't need to be replaced. You'll save in time, material, and labor costs!

  • UV treated bands
  • Lasts 3-4 seasons
  • Strong, flexible, and reusable
  • Quick and easy installation

We currently stock 2", 3", and 4" Tree Rubbers. Other sizes are available via special order.