Soil Biology in a Bottle

Producing a robust soil to grow healthy, nutritious plants. Bio-Life 800+ is a concentrated solution with over 800 locally sourced beneficial bacterial, fungi, and microorganisms typically found in healthy soil.

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A Multi-Vitamin for Your Soil

Using an application of Bio-Life 800+ when planting or to increase plant health balances the biological requirements of the soil. This product is filled with a diversity of living organism that feed the soil in turn feeding your plant roots with the nutrients it needs to produce a healthy, lasting tree.

A Complete Ecosystem

Bio-Life 800+ helps when planting by:
1) Reducing inputs
2) Simulating healthy foliage and root growth
3) Reduce transplant shock
4) Increase tolerance of stress from weather, disease, insect, and transport


Bio-Life 800+ is a refrigerated concentrate that comes in sizes 32 oz., 1/2 gal., 1 gal., 2.25 gal., 250 gal. Ask about 5 gallon mixing buckets and measuring cups when you order to make mixing easy and hassle free!